Terms of Service

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The site is committed to providing quality information but can not be held responsible for any lack of completeness or error present.
Each user is therefore invited to contact a treating professional.of its particular problem. as he may request our assistance with the site consultants.

Access code

Site access codes are personal and must under no circumstances be transferred to a third party. If despite all this were the case, it would be at the sole risk of their author.
However, it is possible to giveviewing access to one or more third parties (financial partners, shareholders, business advisor, etc.), to your sale, via a code specific to guests sent by the site.
It is strictly prohibitedto mass-use the same account, particularly for training or other purposes. Disclosure of account access codes which could result in the mass or fraudulent use of the same accountis therefore prohibited.
In case of inactivity of a subscriber, beyond a period of six months, this one is automatically destroyed in the three following months, during this period the subscriber can consult are jobfor free.

Security and data processing

The accounting and financial data injected on the site does not contain any personal identification of the subscribers on the site, only the computer requests do the instantaneous processing and display the resultsdesired.
Data transfer is done securely via encrypted data exchanges.