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Regularity of accounting accounts.

Accounting principles of regularity, sincerity and the faithful image constitute the "foundations" of accounting.
Any entry or accounting treatment is based above all on these accounting principles which form an inseparable whole..
Moufid BI offers you an intelligent solution to detect any malfunction or inconsistency in one click. You can also control your annual tax declaration, and avoid unpleasant last minute surprises in your reports intended for banks, associates and your economic partners.

Accounting and tax consolidation.

The site offers you the consolidation of accounts according to the global integration method and stepwise consolidation.
Moufid BI, helps you to control the flow of intra-group operations, determine your consolidated IBS and also allows you to group the accounts of your member entities in a secure digital platform.

Financial diagnosis & business valuation.

Understanding the economic and financial flows is a prerequisite for optimizing management and getting an idea of the state of health of a company. In this sense, the financial diagnosis is an analytical tool to take the pulse of a company and analyze its strengths and weaknesses through a battery of financial indicators.

Business Plan

The business plan helps to structure the project of the pre-existing company and start-up companies. It allows them to verify the viability and financial solidity of its business.

Moufid BI presents the business plan document in which you will detail your business creation project and the strategic, commercial and financial objectives for the years to come.

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Consulting & online formation

Traditional work models are less and less suited to the responsiveness and flexibility needs of companies. The best experts and consultants offer you solutions to your concerns.
Take advantage of online training cycles and express your own needs.

Our solutions

Work remotely and protect yourself from Covid-19

Work remotely and protect yourself from covid 19

Reduce your margin of error in accounting

Reduce your margin of error in accounting

Check your statements & tax and avoid an adjustment

Check your statements & tax and avoid an adjustment

Improve your skills

Improve your skills

Consolidate your group of companies

Consolidate your group accounts with a single click

Develop a financial analysis DA, Euro and Dollars

Develop a financial analysis DA, Euro and Dollars